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There’ve been numerous wildlife sightings

5/31/10 – There have been numerous wildlife sightings around the Sawbill area, as many visitors have reported seeing moose, eagles, grouse, and beavers. Perhaps most unexpectedly, though, have been the early appearance of dragonflies, which usually don’t show up until mid-June. They can be seen all around Sawbill right now, resting on canoes and buzzing the roads looking for insects.
Today, a rare daytime visitor slept right outside the Sawbill store. A small brown bat, one of the most common bats in the area, flew in midday and slept next to the door to the office all day long. He moved once, most likely right after he was drawing attention from the camera, to hang in between the frame of the door and the corner of the building.
Bat2 5_31_10.JPG
The bat when he first arrived.
Bat3 5_31_10.JPG
BAT4 5_31_10.JPG
He later moved to a slightly more protected spot.