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Mostly, I consider regular snowfall a wonderful gift.

1/30/11 – Mostly, I consider regular snowfall a wonderful gift. It is not only beautiful, but it enables our favorite outdoor activities. But, there are a few drawbacks. Plowing and shoveling are the routine chores, but when the snow gets to a certain depth some of our older buildings need to have their roofs shoveled. I use an old metal sign to slice the snow-pack into blocks and then slide them off the roof with a grain scoop. The process is kind of fun for the first few hours, then it begins to lose its charm. However, an iPod with a good book on it helps the time fly by. When the job is done, you can simply step off the roof and slide down the pile to the ground. – Bill
The old campground rules sign make the perfect tool for carving the snow on the shower house into blocks.
36″ of snow on the shower house.
Sliding a block.
The easy part.