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While working in the office yesterday,

2/4/11 – While working in the office yesterday, Cindy heard a commotion outside on the deck near the front door to the store. She went to the glass door to investigate and was surprised to see a bobcat on the deck with a squirrel in its mouth! She and the three dogs were stunned by the sight and none of them made a sound for about 15 seconds. Then the dying squirrel gave a few final kicks and the dogs came to life with wild barking. The bobcat was unconcerned and continued to gaze at them through the door, less than 15 feet away, for more than a minute before trotting away.
We’ve been seeing more bobcats and lynx in recent years. When I was a kid, we saw them fairly frequently, but during the ’80s and 90’s I didn’t see even a single track. It is good to have the boreal cats back in the neighborhood. – Bill