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It’s Clare Hansen’s birthday today.

2/27/11 – It’s Clare Hansen’s birthday today. She lived at Sawbill full time for the first 18 years of her life and now makes her home in Missoula, Montana. She’s been accepted to the University of Montana Law School and will likely be there for the next three years. She has agreed to come back to Sawbill to work for a few weeks during the busy season this summer and are we glad to have her coming back! Happy birthday Clare!
Former Sawbill crew member Alison Bents (Behm) just auditioned to be the new cello player for the nationally known band with Minnesota roots, Cloud Cult. Alison is a fabulous musician and would be a great addition to the band that lives, breathes and sings the values of sustainability and tolerance. Good luck Alison!
Our fabulous local community radio station, WTIP, has asked me to take over my dad Frank’s weekly commentary, The West End News. Frank wrote a column with the same title for our local weekly paper, The Cook County News-Herald, for many years. When the paper changed hands a few years ago, they dropped all the local columnists who were picked up by WTIP. In the last years of Frank’s life, one of his favorite activities was going down to the radio station to record his commentary. He also volunteered at the station and really enjoyed all the fine people there. The staff tells me that Frank’s commentary gathered the most hits on their website. I am honored to be asked to continue the tradition and only hope that I can half as well as Frank did. You can read or listen to my initial efforts on the WTIP website.
By the way, WTIP provides some amazingly good programming. You can stream it to your computer anytime. There are many good programs, but I particularly recommend “Sidetracks” hosted by Cathy Quinn on weekdays from 10 am – noon. In my opinion, Cathy has fantastic taste in music. – Bill