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I can only describe it as “eerie” here at Sawbill right now.

9/16/11 – I can only describe it as “eerie” here at Sawbill right now. Outwardly, everything looks and smells like a normal, beautiful fall season. The sky is blue, there is a little frost this morning and not a trace of smoke smell. However, there are no campers in the campground, no leaf lookers stopping in the store and no canoeists embarking on wilderness trips. There is also a sense of palpable danger lurking, literally, right over the horizon. We are feeling relief and dread at the same time.
The weather is going to warm up today and winds will increase from the south west, which may bring the fire closer to us today. We will just have to wait and see. We will be running our sprinklers again today, just to be on the safe side.
All the entry point closures and campground closures remain in place and are likely to stay closed for awhile. Brule Lake is open to camping and canoeing, but you have to camp on Brule Lake.
Thanks again to everyone who has sent expressions of support. It is really gratifying to know how many people love this little corner of the world! – Bill