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1.1″ of rain fell here yesterday.

10/14/11 – 1.1″ of rain fell here yesterday. This morning it is windy, 43 degrees, cloudy and wet. This is the October weather that we know and love. The hot, dry, sunny days were starting to freak us out a little bit.
The fire ban has been completely lifted. Campfires are allowed in the fire grates within the BWCA Wilderness and at the campgrounds outside of the wilderness.
Here is the latest edition of the Cook County West End News from WTIP North Shore Community Radio.
As a follow up to the West End News, the DNR said yesterday that only 16 moose have been shot by hunters in Cook County this year. Last year the final tally was 43 moose shot. The season has three more days to run, but it’s obvious that the success rate will be very low this year. – Bill