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With the temperatures rising and wildflowers blooming

7/2/13 – With the temperatures rising and wildflowers blooming, it finally feels like summer. Flowers such as false lilies of the valley, prickly wild roses, and forget-me-nots have begun to show up in the forests and along the sides of trails, adding brilliant patches of violet, yellow, white, and pink to the greenery that currently abounds. Wild strawberries have also come out, heralding sweet treats in the months to come. The bursts of color are a wonderful addition to everyday life here. – Britta
A cluster of bunchberry blooming along the Sawbill trail. This lovely flower was introduced in 1774 in England and became an instant star in shade gardens.
These spotted coralroot orchids can be found on the path connecting the store to the road leading to the landing. These intriguing flowers live on decaying organic matter and don’t photosynthesize. Instead, they get their food from fungus that deliver the nutrients from the decaying matter on which the orchids live.