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Amidst all of the Labor Day weekend

9/1/13 – Amidst all of the Labor Day weekend chaos that is the families passing through the Sawbill store, I got to meet Cloud. While working the store, a couple, Dianna Bauer and Dan Jansen, came in with a dog they’d found on the Alton side of the Sawbill/Alton portage. The dog was sweet, peaceful, and very hungry. Turns out that the evening before, in an intense thunderstorm featuring some very loud thunder, the dog had run off. About fifteen minutes after the couple brought Cloud to the store, her owner, Chuck Hartell, came in. He’d been out since Cloud ran off, hoping to find her. He mentioned something about having lost his dog, but definitely didn’t expect her to be waiting for him there. The two were then reunited and both Chuck and Cloud were so happy to see each other. – Nicole
The lost and found dog, Cloud!
Chuck Hartell and his beloved dog, Cloud.