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Here are two links for your enjoyment.

12/11/13 – Here are two links for your enjoyment.
The first was sent to us by Jan Kitzing, a retired teacher with many years of Sawbill camping experience. It’s a wonderful short film about how foxes hunt for small rodents under the snow. It was filmed in the Black Hills, but I’ve seen foxes doing this around Sawbill. Even Phoebe, Chief of Outfitter Security, does this under the bird feeder, although not with same altitude and intensity as the fox.
The second is from a good organization, Sustainable Ely, which is working to protect Ely, the BWCA Wilderness and the Lake Superior watershed from the very real threat of large scale copper mining operations. They are holding an information and fund raising event in the Twin Cities on December 22nd, which may be of interest to those who live nearby.
It’s cold but beautiful here at Sawbill. Today the high temperature was -8F, but the sky was blue, the trees are burdened with snow and there is almost two feet of fluffy, soft snow on the ground. – Bill