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Dragon Boat Races

7/6/14 – The Fourth of July has come and passed yet again and we hope you all had a wonderful and patriotic holiday! Here at Sawbill we held our 7th annual Sawbill Dragon Boat Races! Each year we divide the crew and any friends who wish to participate into teams of four, put them in Wenonah Minnesota II canoes, and race up the shore of Sawbill Lake. The teams battle it out for the fame and the glory of being the least dysfunctional team. It was a blast, and we had a beautiful sunset to race under.
The race was one of the closest ever, with only 23 seconds separating the first and fifth place teams. Shouts of “Go, Go, Go!”, and “Don’t hit the rocks!” could all be heard over the water (sorry campground visitors). All in all, spirits were high and it was a great way to celebrate the fourth. Maybe we will see you next year at our 8th annual Dragon Boat Races! – Mark
Crew member Emma moments before her team paddled to victory!
Our Sawbill Babes Team: Annie, Michelle, Sandy, and Beth
Team AARP: John, Cindy, Denise, and Bill
Crew Team 1 (and your victors): Jessica, Mark, Emma, and Buck
Crew Team 2: Peter, Britta, Lindsey, and Rachel
Crew Team 3: Nils, Ana, Laura, and Carla (and photobomber Bill in the background)
The teams all lined up and ready to start the race under the sunset!