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Four leaf clovers.

6/24/15 – Most people come to the Boundary Waters to spend time “off the grid,” and in hopes of spotting some local wildlife. Depending on when and where you paddle, seeing even one moose is considered lucky. Recently, one visitor stumbled upon something of a different variety of luck.
Ian, age 9, discovered a trove of four- and five-leaf clovers in the campsite in which his family was staying. Sawbill will not be releasing the number of the campsite in which these lucky clovers can be found – visitors will have to do their own scouting. After all, four-leaf clovers are only lucky if they are found, not given.
Ian carefully pressed his clovers, which will make an excellent souvenir
Five-leaf clovers are even more rare than four-leaf ones. While four-leaf clovers are almost universally thought of to bring luck, five-leaf clovers are supposed to attract money. What a treat for Ian!
Another visitor, Tim Petricek sent us some pictures he took of wildlife he spotted on Sawbill Lake. Sending us pictures from your trips is encouraged – we love to hear and see what you experienced.
A snapping turtle waits to lay her eggs by the shore
This mama loon has been carrying her chick all over Sawbill lake. Many of you moms and dads will be familiar with the endless chauffeuring that parenting entails! – Elena