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The Sawbill Babes

It comes as a surprise to many that Sawbill’s crew is more than 50% female. The rugged, outdoors-y nature of the work up here conjures up the image of strapping young men hauling canoes around all day, and while that was once the case, it is no longer.
This year’s Sawbill Babes are a strong and scrappy bunch. We all found our way to Sawbill in different ways – family connections, visits as children – but we came here for the same reason: We wanted a fun and exciting job in a beautiful place with endless opportunities for adventure.
Front row (L to R): Alissa, Emma, Elena. Back row (L to R): Meg, Laura, Claire.
Recently the Sawbill Babes went on adventure – after sprucing up and putting on our Town Clothes, we headed to Lutsen Resort to watch our boss Bill play in the Plucked Up String Band. We had a wonderful time and danced the night away to some very high quality music.
(And if you’re worried how the Sawbill Boys fared in our absence, fear not – they were treated to delicious food by some lovely customers who were staying in the campground)
The Sawbill Babes are always there to lift each other up.
On a more serious note, the Sawbill Babes represent a changing time, where women in the wilderness are no longer a novelty. In a way we are following in the footsteps of the legendary Dorothy Molter. I like to think she’d be proud. – Elena