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Crew trip

6/11/17 – Crew members Heidi and TC recently went on a trip from Kawishiwi back to Sawbill, a route known as the Lady Chain. Heidi brought along her GoPro and snapped some amazing shots along the way.
Water lilies have an interesting life cycle – after they bloom, the stem contracts and pulls the lily into the water. After the seeds in the seedpod mature, they float the surface, and then sink again, starting the life cycle of the lily all over again.
An eagle feather found at one of their campsites with TC’s thigh for scale. In true Leave No Trace fashion, Heidi and TC left this treasure for others to enjoy.
Crew members all have the opportunity to go out on trips during the summer and are excellent sources of first-hand experience with many of the routes visitors are interested in. If you’re curious about the best campsites or special sights, please don’t hesitate to ask! – Elena