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Lujenida Portage

7/27/17 – You’ll know you’re at the half way point of the 480 rod portage between Lujenida and Zenith when the trail disappears underwater. Don’t fret – the water is less than knee deep and the ground is solid. Just keep an eye out for the sunken boardwalks on the northern portion.
The simplest way to cross this section (and any other wet or muddy portage) is to simply walk right down the middle. Sure, your feet will get wet and dirty, but it’s the safest route and best for maintaining the trail.
As always, we recommend footwear that you don’t mind getting wet and is suited for the job. A popular option is Chaco sandals. They are equiped with heavy duty vibram soles and a simple, secure and durable strap system.
Happy trails! – Elena