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Beautiful Conditions for a Day Trip

6/16/18 – A couple of days ago Hannah and I were able to sneak away for a long day paddle.  We were pleasantly surprised by the minimal amount of mosquitoes, abundance of moose tracks, and beautiful flowers encountered along the way.  – Jessica

The day began with a glassy morning on Sawbill lake.  Blue skies prevailed all day with minimal wind.  Above, Hannah adjusts the yoke pads before we hit the water.


We came across this patch of pink flowers on the Burnt to Smoke portage. According to an online source for identifying Minnesota wildflowers they are commonly known as “Gaywings.”  Aptly described as a cluster of small birds taking flight, these 4-5″ tall plants quickly caught our eye.  After further research on the the USDA Forest Service website, compounds found in this plant are thought to reduce skin inflammation, as well as aid in milk production of nursing mammals.