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Ladies Night Out in Grand Marais

6/27/18 – Yesterday evening the Sawbill babes had our annual ladies night out on the town.  Festivities included a beautiful view of the Grand Marais harbor from the Gunflint Tavern’s rooftop deck, an amazing meal and dessert from the Angry Trout, all capped off with an evening stroll along artist’s point.  A big thanks to the Sawbill boys for holding down the fort while we were away!  -Jessica

Sawbill babes from left to right; Cindy Lou, Jessica, Katie, Kate, Andie, Claire, Hannah, Meg, and Clare.  Not pictured; the Sawbill boys sitting forlorn at home.  Don’t worry, they’ll get their day in the sun.
Remnants of a great meal followed up with a shot of pure maple syrup, magic.
Andie taking a picture of Kate taking a picture…very artsy.