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Gary Freiermuth

7/28/18 – We were sad to hear of the recent passing of longtime Sawbill camper and friend, Gary Freiermuth. Here at Sawbill, many customers turn into something more like family over the passage of years. It’s one of the best parts about our job here. Bill had the following to say about Gary:

“The whole Sawbill/Crescent Lake family is saddened by this news. Cindy and I spent many happy hours in conversation with Gary over the years. He was a gentle, compassionate and funny storyteller. His love for the northwoods and the wilderness was always front and center. His encounter with a black cougar on the Grade Road is a story that will be told for years to come. I always reassure people that Gary was a completely credible source for that amazing story. We still laugh about the time he came in to report being chased by a pack of wolves, also on the Grade Road. When he stopped to get out his camera, the “wolves” surrounded his car and he realized that they were Dave Freeman’s friendly sled dogs who had escaped from their kennel. I can still hear his laugh.

His loss is a loss for the fabric of life at Crescent Lake and Sawbill Outfitters. We will think of our friend often and he will be missed by many.”
Be well.