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Canoeing Season Coming to a Close

10/24/18 – Over the past week we’ve been getting quite a few reports of substantial ice on some of the smaller area lakes, making travel quite difficult.  As a result we’ve put most of our canoes away for the season and almost completed winterizing the store.

The finishing touches were put on what we are currently calling the “Square Dome” just in time to safely stow away canoes for the winter.
Tyler and Dan ponder the best way to fit all the canoes.

A couple nights ago we witnessed ice crystals beginning to form on the south end of Sawbill Lake.  Most of that ice disappeared the next day, but if you look close enough today, you can see a swath of ice floating to the left of Mouse Island.  It sure seems winter is now knocking on our door.    -Jessica

Huckleberry dips his toes in the water this afternoon rather than his typical swim.  He must have noticed the ice.