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Ice Update

4/26/19 – The lake is finally starting to show signs of melting. The last few days we’ve noticed quite a bit of slush on the lake along with the steady growth of open water near the Sawbill Creek outlet. Yesterday we measured 17 inches from the bottom of the ice to the top of the slush. About 8 of those inches were clear ice, while the top 9 inches seemed to be candled and slushy. -Jessica

The ice near the shore is beginning to break up a bit so we are now employing an Alumacraft to bridge the gap to thicker ice and not venturing far to drill our test hole. Pictured above: Jessica and new crew member Drew.
This piece was easily broken off of a larger sheet of candle ice (columns of ice that fit together like puzzle pieces) found along the shoreline.
A welcome burst of color among the remaining snow drifts.