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Dwindling Ice

4/28/19 – Measuring the ice is a time honored tradition for new Sawbill crewmembers. This week we welcomed Allison, a recent graduate of UW Eau Claire, for her first season at Sawbill.

Allison will be here through the Fall season – welcome!

It’s been sunny and windy, two key components of ice out, although it has been getting down to 27 degrees at night still.

Looking south from the canoe landing, the ducks have been enjoying the open water around the Sawbill Creek outlet. The dock on the left is the canoe landing dock in its winter storage spot.

As of this morning, the ice is measuring at 11 inches thick, with roughly 3 of those inches being clear ice. The rest is a sloppy mix of slush, candled ice, and water.

Luke looks on as Jessica shows the official ice thickness. If the slush gets much deeper, they’ll have to start wearing waders out there!

The crew did an ice-out check on a couple of lakes in the area yesterday evening. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it. They report that Baker lake is officially ice free and Crescent lake is not far behind.

Jessica, Allison, Drew, Huckleberry, and Luke contemplate the imminent opening of the beach club at the Sawbill lake landing.

Happy Spring!