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Here Comes the Sun

5/3/19 – Cold and snowy would aptly summarize the past few days, but lucky for us the tides seemed to have shifted, at least for now. Current conditions include sunshine, a steady warm breeze, and a temperature of 45 degrees. We still have a few inches of snow on the ground, but it is dwindling fast. -Jessica

The ice is still holding out, but each day we see more and more open water creeping in from the shorelines. We’ve stopped venturing out after our 3″ measurement of solid ice on April 28th.
In recent days we’ve noticed an uptick in the amount of waterfowl paddling around just south of the canoe landing. If you squint really really hard you can see a male common merganser (white speck in the water). Also floating about was a male hooded merganser.