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Spring Snow

4/30/19 – It seems we have the dubious distinction this morning of having received the most snow in the spring storm yesterday! With just short of 16 inches falling throughout the day, we had to scramble to dig out the shovels we had stored away for the year. While we practice patience waiting for it to melt, we are focusing on cleaning our indoor spaces, repairing gear, pricing new inventory, and of course utilizing our wood fired sauna to boost morale.

This morning’s final measurement on the back deck of our outfitting department.
Despite all appearances, we are here! Hard to believe paddlers will be walking through these doors in a matter of weeks.
The snowbank on the ground is the result of the first time the snow slid off the roof a few weeks ago. Looks like we’ll be adding to the fondly named “Sawbill Glacier” again soon as the newest snowfall slowly slides off the screen porch roof.

While the forecast is calling for a high around 38 degrees for the next few days, things should warm up again on Friday. Once the weather turns back in our favor melting happens quickly up here. We are hoping to be on the water around the end of the first week of May. Stay tuned!