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Crew Bonding

5/15/2019 – The Sawbill crew is increasing and there’s plenty of hard work going on around here from everyone. There are 12 of us now (14 including Sig and Kit) and the group is getting pretty big. With a community like this, it’s important inside and outside of the work environment to have a strong team that can work together well. A team that knows each other and connects well goes far in the workplace.

So far, the crew members have been doing a great job organizing small bonding sessions on the daily to get to know each other more. One highlight was when most members went on the first night paddle of the season (and my first ever)! The crew took out two of the new Northstar 20s to test immediately following sunset. After portaging to Alton lake, we stopped at a little island to explore, chat, and watch the stars come out. As the duffer of the group, I can attest that the new canoes are quite comfortable and speedy! It was a beautiful night. Paddles while two or three people have off in the mornings have been happening as well. It’s a great way to practice canoe skills while hanging out with a fellow crew member.

The Northstar 20 pitched on the small island while crew members chatted.
Everyone listening attentively as Paul explains how movement and marching can lower your heart rate! Bonding happens in many forms and conversations.

Another way that team members have been connecting is through many, many games of hockey. The Stanley Cup playoffs have been on constantly most nights the past couple of weeks. While some are huge hockey fans, others are simply learning about the sport and what happens in a game besides fighting. Yesterday night hockey was accompanied by delicious caramel marshmallow brownies made by Mia. Clearly, snacks bring everyone together.

Hockey is a lot easier to watch with some delicious popcorn in your hand. Thanks for making it Jessica!

Foosball is another major sport around here. With a tournament coming up, many crew members have been practicing their skills and learning from the talented professionals, Luke and Jessica. Others prefer competition in the form of cards or cribbage. With a customized 3D printed board of Sawbill Lake, it’s easy to find the motivation and even easier to find another pal willing to play. Additionally, a bonfire and a couple movie nights have been initiated during the colder nights. It’s safe to say there’s a lot of bonding going on and it’s pretty easy when there’s such a good team here at Sawbill. Cheers to more hard work and play!


A beautiful morning paddle on Sawbill lake & Kelso river with Brian.