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Volunteer Days!

6/20/19 – This week on Tuesday and Wednesday the crew had the privilege to work with Northwoods Volunteer Connection over the course of two days. We brushed and swamped the Ada Creek portages as well as the Burnt and Smoke Lake portages out of Sawbill. Although pictures were regrettably not taken to document this work we assure you all that we looked handy and enthusiastic in our hardhats and gloves.

Northwoods Volunteer Connection is a fantastic organization sponsored through the Forest Service. Their members and volunteers work to maintain the Superior National Forest area and have four different levels of involvement for anyone interested in participating. Our crew sure had a blast working with them and we greatly encourage any of our blog readers to check them out at to learn more about their missions and upcoming projects for this summer and fall.

The weather has been looking more like Summer lately as we roll into late June as the flowers are blooming and the temperatures are rising. This week we also got to welcome back former crew member Owen for his fourth season here at Sawbill.