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Campground Hosts

6/25/19 – As the season starts to get busier here around Sawbill we are happy to welcome our campground hosts Rachel and Jim in just a few days. They are such a great help to us and we couldn’t be more ready to greet them for another great summer.

Crew member Paul has returned to us from his three-week camping excursion and brought with him good BWCAW stories as always. He also hauled back quite a bit of trash that he collected from campsites as an important reminder to us all that the Wilderness is public lands and to leave no trace on every trip for the sake of the wildlife and future camping visitors.

The weather continues to brighten up after a few days of thunderstorms and the forecast for the next few days is warm and sunny. The fishing reports have been growing more and more fruitful as the late spring has finally led to the fish consistently rising to the surface of the lakes to feed. As we near closer to July we look forward to more fishing and warm paddles ahead. Happy camping!