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Wildlife Update

6/27/19 – Good news! In the past couple of weeks, the dragonflies have hatched! Their diet consists of little black flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and other small insects. For those who get severely bug-bitten or bothered by the little black flies of the BWCA, the dragonflies are your dearest friends. Luckily, there are plenty around and here to help. I myself am still terrified of large-winged insects, but am trying my best to get over the fear and welcome the mosquito killers. Their unique color and wing patterns do help – they’re just cute little animals right? If I repeat it enough, I will convince myself.

In other news, please be extra cautious while driving around the Sawbill area and the BWCA in general. Turtles have been coming up to the sides of the gravel roads to lay their eggs. The soft gravel shoulders provide a sandy edge that’s a perfect storage spot until the eggs hatch. Please try to avoid bothering them if you see them on the shoulder. However, during this process a lot of turtles take their time when finding a spot, sometimes hanging out in the middle of the road when crossing. If you’re concerned they may get hit, you can get out and help. To do this, avoid picking them up as much as possible – usually they will walk away from you just standing close by. Also, lead them in the same direction and path that they were originally headed. Thanks for your cooperation!


A painted turtle being led from the middle of the road into the grass in the same direction it was headed.