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Something to brighten your day…

8/15/19 – If you’re having trouble pushing through to the weekend, hopefully this will help a bit. This is an appreciation post for the sweet boy that is Huckleberry. If you don’t know him, he’s the springer spaniel that belongs to Sawbill owners Clare and Dan Shirley. Looking closely, you can see that his name tag gives away his occupation: the official Director of Public Outreach. Unofficially, he is the store greeter, bodyguard, therapy dog, Olympic swimmer, professional snuggler, and Sawbill mascot. On behalf of the entire crew, we’re all happy we get to spend time with him while we’re here. Friendly reminder that he does have severe food allergies so please don’t give him any of your treats or snacks. He also loves to swim with folks on the dock, but practice caution if you have a fishing line in. The poor guy doesn’t understand the concept that bobbers are attached to hooks. Besides that, feel free to give him lots of love if you see him around the campground! Cheers to Huckleberry (aka buns, hucklebuns, bunners, huck) for being the best boy!


Huck takes his greeting job VERY seriously.
The happiest guy there is.
Taken in early May, anxiously awaiting for the ice to melt so he can swim.