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Hiking around Sawbill

8/18/19 – Though we’re best known for the abundance of canoeing opportunities at Sawbill, there are plenty of other outdoor recreation opportunities nearby. We often get asked about hiking trails in the area and there are some great options! Eagle Mountain is probably the most popular choice, about a 40 minute drive from Sawbill down the grade. It is a moderate ~7 mile hike that summits at the highest point in Minnesota. The trail winds through forest, marshes and lakes before the relatively steep climb to the top in the last half mile or so.

A glimpse of the trek to Eagle Mountain.

A closer option to Sawbill would be the Carlton or Britton peak trails. The trailheads are just a few miles down the Sawbill Trail from Tofte. Britton peak is a short hike (only .5 mile or so), while Carlton peak is 3 miles round trip. Another option about 5 miles north of Tofte are the Oberg and Leveaux Mountain trails. Each trail is about 3 miles, both with amazing views overlooking Lake Superior and the surrounding national forest. These hikes can be extended for longer trips as they coincide with the Superior Hiking Trail, a 310 mile foot trail along the north shore from Duluth to the Canadian border. There are plenty of chances to hop onto the Superior Hiking Trail along Highway 61. If you’ve already done these hikes, don’t fret! The abundance of state parks on the north shore provide even more opportunities. I recently hiked next to waterfalls on the Cascade river and potholes of the Temperance river, both discovered on Highway 61 pulloffs. Wherever you go, it’s sure to be beautiful. Happy hiking!

One of the 9 scenic overlooks on top of Oberg Mountain.