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Magic or just brilliant nature?

8/31/2021- In the midst of some chaotic crew bonding last night, we received a knock on the door which was nonother then our magnificent leaders Clare and Dan (along with our favorite fuzzy friend Huckleberry!) Clare told us we needed to step outside and see what she brought us, so we did. What we saw blew our minds! It was a little thing called foxfire.

A fresh picture of the wood in the daylight!
The glow captured from Sawyer’s Google Pixel 4 camera! (SO COOL!)

Foxfire can also be known as “Fairy Fire” which is the reaction of a fungi eating rotting wood. The fungi creates light due to the chemical reaction that occurs when the fungi cells consume the wood. The oxidative enzyme luciferase reacts with luciferin, creating the glow. This has been documented throughout time, the earliest was noted from Aristotle who claimed the fungi to be a “cold fire” emanating in the woods. I had never heard of Firefox before last night but it was really awesome! Go explore the woods at night and maybe you will also get the chance to see this natural glow!

“Bioluminescent life forms create their own light by mixing certain chemical compounds together to form a glow. As this luminescence neither requires nor produces heat (unlike much light humans use), it is often called cold light. Scientists estimate that creatures produce light either to scare off predators or to attract insects and promote the spread of spores. Either way, bioluminescence is equal parts breathtaking and eerie when one stumbles upon it in real life.” Information Pulled from: