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Historical Ice Out Data

4/30/22 – Since 1990 we’ve been reporting Sawbill Lake’s ice out date to the University of New York at Buffalo. They provided us this handy graph the other day showing the ice out dates we’ve reported over the years.

The latest ice out we have on record was May 18, 1996. The earliest March 27th, 2012 with a mean ice out of April 28th.

As things stand I expect the ice will be around for at least another week, if not more. The five day forecast shows highs in the 40s with lows mostly below freezing and the possibly rain.

The road to the lake and campground remains completely snowed in.

The vast majority of ground remains covered in feet of snow, but a few patches with southern exposure are beginning to open up revealing signs of spring. The most springy of which are the daffodils and crocus popping through the snow behind the crew house. -Jessica

Daffodils giving us a lesson in perseverance.