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Ice Report

5/2/22 – Today’s ice thickness is the same as the last; 36 inches total from the top of the slush to bottom of the ice with the bottom 17 inches solid ice. The big difference since our last measurement is that the top slush layer is more water logged than it was a few days ago. The slush was deep enough along the shoreline that we were worried it was going to top our boots so we hauled a canoe down to bridge the gap to the firmer slush. Owen Willcoxon, who just arrived yesterday, drilled today’s test hole. There’s still plenty of snow in the woods, but with off and on rain the past couple of days we’ve made a dent in that as well. -Jessica

Owen scooches his way across the slush while Sawyer offers words of encouragement.
Ice measuring technician hard at work.
Teamwork makes the dream work.