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Supply Run

3/7/24 – Most people get their mail delivered to a mailbox at the end of their driveway, or straight to their door.  In our case mail and other shipments get dropped off in the bustling metropolis of Tofte, either at the Post Office, or at small shed we rent from the Tofte General Store.  On a rare occasion a wayward substitute delivery driver will make their way up the 24 miles of the Sawbill Trail with a wild look in their eye, but for the most part we spend a lot of time with large boxes of t-shirts and merchandise in the back of our vehicles, especially in the lead up to spring.

My favorite white pine leaning out over the Sawbill Trail. Per usual, the picture doesn’t do it justice.

Yesterdays “town trip” included picking up a shipment of vinyl ester resin and other supplies that Dan uses to refurbish the used canoes we sell on the website.  He’s been steadily cycling the canoes through the workshop since mid-November and is getting down to the last couple batches before they’ll all be done and ready for their new homes.  -Jessica

Dan’s canoe refurbishing uniform hangs near the door of the workshop.
Each canoe gets sanded before a layer of vinyl ester is applied to smooth and seal up any scratches. If you squint, you can sort of tell that’s the Sawbill logo under all that canoe dust.