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Smooth Ice

3/11/24 – The past handful of days we’ve noticed the higher angle of the sun having a Zamboni like effect on Sawbill Lake. Many of the bumpy ridges that were present a week ago have been smoothed over and refrozen by the consistently cold nights. To give an idea, the lake surface around mid day is not dissimilar to a popsicle that has been recently pulled out of the freezer and licked a few times. -Jessica

It looks like the Zamboni recently passed through this bay on Sawbill Lake. Can confirm it was VERY slippery.
Tinny bubbles frozen in Sawbill.
Artsy polka dot ice on Alton Lake near the Alton to Sawbill portage.
View from the eastern side of Alton looking south.

Coffee was spilled twice in the making of this post. It’s slick out there!