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We awoke this morning to a light dusting of grainy snow

10/27/08 – We awoke this morning to a light dusting of grainy snow on the ground. We hear that the rest of Minnesota was treated to far more snow, but this groundcover still got the dogs excited. Winter is on its way!
Roy and Phoebe play under snow-covered canoes for sale in front of the store.
In anticipation of this very snowfall, we spent last Friday afternoon moving the Kevlar canoes into the dome for the winter, and we dismantled the Royalex and aluminum canoe piles to store them as well. It is a whole-crew project to move approximately two hundred canoes to their winter resting places, but Bill and Cindy have the nerve-wracking job of standing the Kevlars upright in the dome.
Bill maneuvers a canoe into place in the dome.
Caitlin works on emptying the last pile of canoes: the three-person Kevlars go in last because they are the longest (or “tallest”) canoes we have. Roy helps out by watching for intruding squirrels.
At this point we are officially closed for the season; however, we’re still here to the phone and the door if you need anything. The Forest Service has turned the campground water off for the winter, so from now until May, there is no charge for camping. – Molly