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Swing your partner ’round and ’round!

7/31/09 – Swing your partner ’round and ’round! We got a chance to practice our do-si-dos Wednesday at Sawbill’s annual Dome Dance. Once a year we put on our dancing shoes and gather in the former outfitting dome behind the canoe yard to spin, see-saw and gypsy the night away at an old-fashioned contra dance. Terrance Smith, Duluth, called the dance, with the help of wife Marge on the tin whistle, friend Kelly on the fiddle and our very own Bill Hansen on the guitar. Guests from the campground and around Cook County came to dance their hearts out and revel in the July heat. It was a whoop-and-hollering good time, as usual. – Lee
A few of the dancers, with Marge and Kelly in the background.
Contra circles in mid spin.
Terrance gives a guest a helping hand.