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Former Sawbill crew member Laura (Ter Beest) Strubbe

8/7/09 – Former Sawbill crew member Laura (Ter Beest) Strubbe and husband Ezra brought their five-week-old baby Micah for his inaugural Sawbill visit this week. Micah’s proud grandparents Jim and Rachel Ter Beest have been hosts at the Sawbill Lake Campground across the trail from the outfitter since 1985, and have been visiting Sawbill to escape the scorching Omaha, Neb., summers annually for 36 years. Both of Jim’s and Rachel’s kids, Laura and Nathan, respectively, worked here at the outfitter for a few seasons, so the Strubbes and Ter Beests anticipate Micah will someday put in his application to become a Sawbill crew member too. – Lee
Micah Strubbe and his mom Laura.
The Ter Beest family visit (left to right): Belinda Ter Beest, Nathan Ter Beest, Jim Ter Beest, Tori Strubbe, Rachel Ter Beest, Carter Strubbe, Ezra Strubbe, Laura Strubbe and Micah Strubbe.
Sawbill Crew, 2027?