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Jeff and Kelly Zwonitzer, from Maple Grove, Minnesota,

10/12/10 – Jeff and Kelly Zwonitzer, from Maple Grove, Minnesota, long time Sawbill campers, sent along a note and few pictures from their recent visit.
I just wanted to let you know what a spectacular trip we just had. My wife and I decided to take a few days off and head to Sawbill for the second time this year. Our goal was to hang around the campfire, take a few day trips and just enjoy and recharge. It’s good to have goals…
We arrived Thursday, Oct 8th and headed back home on the 10th. Just a short trip but awesome to say the least. Absolutely great weather for October!
I also wanted to share some photos of the juvenile loons and some other reflection shots I took. The two loons seemed to be the last remaining ones around, at least on the southern end of Sawbill. I’ll be curious to find out when they leave. The calm winds and warm weather begged us to take one last paddle before we had to pack up and leave. So glad we did.
Jeff and Kelly Zwonitzer

(Photos courtesy of Jeff and Kelly Zwonitzer)