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Now presenting… Carla, Emma and Peter!

5/20/14 – Now presenting… Carla, Emma and Peter! Our first three recruits have arrived and are quickly becoming acclimated to life here at Sawbill.
Carla comes to us from Ypsilanti, Michigan. She has a master’s degree in social work and enjoys cooking extravagant meals. Carla arrived almost three weeks ago, catching the tail end of our prolonged winter here in northern Minnesota. You have probably seen her drilling holes in previous entries.
Emma’s hiring means another generation of Sawbillians for the Nelson family. Her father, Scott, worked here during the ’80s. She just completed her first year at Xavier University and is fluent in aquatic sign language. We wasted no time getting her acquainted with life at the outfitter, embarking on a night paddle just moments after her arrival.
Peter has just received a degree in Physics from the University of Minnesota. He grew up in Markville, MN (a free pop in the store to the first customer who has been there!), but spent his first four years living in Kenya. Peter is proficient in juggling and Mandarin Chinese. He will gladly provide a demonstration of either if asked kindly.
Carla demonstrating her canoe stacking skills.
Emma & Scott in the classic Sawbill pose.
Peter casually juggling canoe paddles.