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Crew Excursions

7/30/15 – Working at Sawbill provides myriad opportunities for adventures. Crew members definitely take advantage of living in such a beautiful place by exploring their summer home in different ways.
One popular way to use time off is to go on trips – it seems that despite being around together almost every minute of every day, we still like each other enough to want to spend time together in the wilderness.
Three crew members, who have christened themselves the Basement Babes due to their living arrangement, recently went on a three day trip and came back with many pictures to show and stories to tell.
The Basement Babes (L to R: Claire, Olive, Elena) before the start of their adventure.
The three women put in at Kawishiwi Lake and headed up through the burn area to Malberg where they camped for their first night. The next day they traveled along the Louse River, honing their map-reading skills, and made camp on Dent Lake. The next day, they enjoyed a floating lunch on Mesaba lake and then made their way back home through Kelso and Alton.
Sawbill crew members know how to pack light!
Some of the wildlife spotted during the trip
Another fun crew excursion is making the drive to Tofte to watch the sun rise over Lake Superior. Because the sun comes up so early these days, crew members have to get an even earlier start – leaving before 5 am!
Olive by the water
On Wednesday morning, four crew members woke up at 4:30, packed a picnic breakfast (coffee being the main course) and headed down the Sawbill trail.
Sunrise just beginning to peek over the hills.
The waves were crashing hard even before 6 am, forecasting a windy day ahead.
The spectacular view made the early wake-up worth it!
A selfie to celebrate a successful Superior sunrise! (Crew members L to R: Ana, Emma, Elena, and Olive)
What fun we have together! – Elena