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Wildlife Photos

6/24/17 – One of the main draws of a BWCA trip is the possibility of seeing wildlife. Northern Minnesota is home to a wide variety of fauna, from wolves to weasels. Most commonly spotted are loons, eagles, and other birds. Moose are also frequently seen, while bears are the most elusive, due to their shy nature.
Tim Petricek from Racine, WI sent us some wonderful wildlife photos from his most recent trip to the Sawbill area. Thanks, Tim!
Tim spotted this loon on Sawbill Lake
This eagle was seen perched in a tree on Boulder Lake
Young bull moose feeding in a pond just off The Grade
Trumpeter Swans on the Temperance River
When you see wildlife on your next trip, remember to keep your distance – the BWCA is their home and we are guests, lucky enough to travel through their lakes and woods for a brief period of time. – Elena