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The busy season is here!

8/3/18 – With the crisp breeze of the August air and the decrease in mosquito activity, Sawbill has seen an increase in groups venturing up and out to enjoy the beautiful weather. August tends to be a time when the BWCA has an influx in campers; if you have ever paddled in the Boundary Waters around this time, you probably understand why.

This is the Sawbill staff’s favorite time of year because we get to see many familiar faces and groups. A few days ago, a longtime returning church group arrived and had six fully booked permits issued! That is fifty four young campers and group leaders who are get to experience the serene Boundary Waters. This six permit group also had twenty four canoes and full gear outfitted to them. As you can imagine, the Sawbill crew has been very busy as many other groups and customers are coming through. The crew has had a very fun time preparing for and interacting with all the new and familiar faces. We look forward to seeing more of you all!

If you are worried about having trouble finding a campsite during this busy season, do not fear. There are plenty of campsites dispersed throughout the Boundary Waters. The deeper you go, the more open campsites you will find. This busy time gives you an opportunity for further exploration of the Boundary Waters and to meet other BWCA enthusiasts in the Sawbill grounds.

August is a time you do not want to miss up at Sawbill. Come get the tail end of the summer weather while you can!

– Nathan