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Blooms and Loons

5/29/21 – This past week has seen the emergence of numerous species of wild flora. Around the campground and along the road you can find the colorful blooms of Marsh Marigold, Wild Strawberries, and Wood Violet. Additionally, the small blue flowers of Forget-Me-Nots can be seen peeking up above the grass. The leafy stems of Lupines have been seen in multiple locations, but it is still a bit early for their blooms.

Marsh Marigold
Forget me not
Wild Strawberry

In addition to the diverse array of plants, there are many different birds that can be seen and heard at Sawbill. A pair of loons are active on the lake and their soulful calls can be heard across the water on quiet evenings. Additionally, folks have been hearing barred owls in the evenings. It seems that both the flora and the fauna here are excited about the summer!