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Forest Closure Order Lifted

9/4/21- Happy re-opening day everyone! We’re excited to get people back into the Boundary Waters once again!

Another recent development is that the Forest Service has lifted their “Forest Closure Order,” which had effectively halted all dispersed camping outside developed campgrounds.  So, if you are a person who’s original entry point is still closed and you want a plan “B”; areas such as the Timber-Frear canoe route and the backcountry sites on Crescent, Lichen, and Cascade Lakes are fair game again!  A handy tool when finding these back road gems is the Superior National Forest map, which we sell on site.

As always, we’re happy to talk through possible alternatives by email, phone, or in person in front of the map.  -Jessica

Small section of the Superior National Forest map showing possible alternative camping options outside of the Boundary Waters. Tent icons within a red square are multi-site campgrounds, while tent icons on their own are “individual non-wilderness campsites.”